Basler DESC 250 Digital Excitation Control System

Maker: Basler Electric
Condition: New

PART NUMBER: 291336; T8.13.160.10; 291367; 291290; 291299; 291342; 291343; 291344; 291345; 291346; 291347.

Contact Inputs: 16 programmable , dry contact

Auxiliary Inputs: 1
Current Input: 4 to 20 mAdc
Voltage Input: –10 to +10 Vdc

Output Contacts:
11 programmable form A
1 watchdog form C


Make, break, and carry 7 A
resistive @ 24/48/125 Vdc
(120/240 Vac).

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The DECS 250 is a digital, 3-phase sensing, permanent magnet generator (PMG) or auxiliary winding powered automatic voltage regulator (AVR) with optional integrated power system stabilizer.


  • Precise excitation control for synchronous generator or synchronous motor applications.
  • True RMS sensing, single-phase or three-phase voltage and current
  • Full generator metering capabilities
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation / Field Current Regulation / Field Voltage Regulation, Power Factor and var modes of operation
  • Integrated Generator Protection (27/59, 81O/U, 32R, 40Q), EDM, 59F, 51F, Loss of PMG, Field Short Circuit, and 25 Sync Check
  • Load sharing over Ethernet • Auto tuning feature with two PID stability groups
  • Optional integrated power system stabilizer (PSS), IEEE Std. 421.5 type PSS2A/2B/2C
  • Configurable Protection
  • Conformal coating is applied to certain internal circuitry for additional protection and reliability
  • Overexcitation Limiting (with temperature compensation)
  • Underexcitation Limiting
  • Stator Current Limiting (with temperature compensation)
  • Var Limiting
  • Underfrequency Limiting or V/Hz Limiting
  • Exciter Diode Monitoring
  • Trending, Oscillography, and Sequence of Events Recording
  • Sixteen Programmable Contact Inputs
  • Twelve Programmable Contact Outputs
  • I/O Expansion Module compatibility
    - AEM-2020 Analog Expansion Module
    - CEM-2020 Contact Expansion Module

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