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Stamford DM110 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR

Stamford DM110 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR

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PART NUMBER: E000-23800

Available on: LVI P80, MVI P80, HVI P80, DSG, DIG, And their marine equivalents

Power input 88-250Vac from PMG or aux. windings,

Sensing input 100-440Vac,

Output to exciter 63Vdc.

Size: W 135.6 x H 74.8 x D72.1

The DM110 is a digital, 2-phase sensing, permanent magnet generator (PMG) or auxiliary winding powered automatic voltage regulator (AVR) incorporating VAR/Power Factor control.

Cummins Generator Technologies in conjunction with Basler Electric have developed a high powered, digital excitation control system, the DM110, The DM110 is produced by Basler for STAMFORD® – AvK® products

This environmentally rugged product is ideally suited for controlling the output of STAMFORD® and AvK® brushless synchronous generators up to 5MW. The DM110 has an impressive 7Adc output from a pulse width modulated power stage. The DM110 is perfect for machines that will be paralleled to other generators and/or to the utility system. It is ideal for distributed generation, cogeneration and peak shaving applications. The DM110 is easy to use, and it has communications capability with a PC for the initial set up, adjustment and maintenance. The DM110 utilizes microprocessor technology and control algorithms pioneered by Basler Electric, for more than a decade.

The DM110 is a microprocessor-based regulation system designed to control the output of AvK® and STAMFORD® brushless, synchronous generators. The DM110 is perfect for paralleling applications where generator to generator and/or generator to utility paralleling occurs with VAR/PF control and Over- and Under-excitation Limiting. The DM110 offers high functionality communications and performance unique to the STAMFORD® - AvK® synchronous generators. The DM110 is very rugged and offers an extremely robust mechanical design that is cURus recognized, CE compliant, and DNV certified.


  • Microprocessor based
  • 0.5% Voltage Regulation on the generator
  • 63Vdc @ 7Adc PWM output
  • 0-3 x V/Hz limiting
  • Soft Start capability
  • 2 selectable motor start programs
  • 20 standard stability selections and one customizable selection
  • VAR/PF control
  • Overexcitation limiting
  • Underexcitation limiting
  • Voltage Matching
  • Manual Mode (Field current regulation)
  • Paralleling input from 1 or 5A CT
  • Five generator protection functions including Loss of Sensing transfer to manual
  • Alarm Contact Output
  • Accessory input
  • LED Annunciation of operating conditions
  • Setup via PC using BESTCOMS software (included)
  • cURus recognition per UL 508 and CSA Standard C22.2 No. 14
  • Interface for setting and communicating with the
  • DM110 digital AVR
  • Bestcoms DM110 software included

Download AVR Datasheet

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